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Address: Old airport road – near Moussawi Ceramica - Rosemary building - Fadel holding
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About Us

Fadel trading company has a long history that started in 1980. It all began when Mr. Rida Fadel, the oldest son, who really loved nature started our business.

He learned from the green fields and sunny orchards of Lebanon not only about fruits but also how nature and people depend on each other. For more than 30 years, the wisdom passed down through generations turned our small idea into successful reality. We’ve grown from a small business into an important part of Lebanon’s Fruit scene.

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Our History

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Our Mission, Vision & Goal

Our Vision

To lead the global fruit industry with top-quality, diverse fruit offerings while maintaining ethical and sustainable practices to inspire positive change in the industry and beyond.

Our Mission

We prioritize fresh, high-quality fruits at competitive prices, with a strong focus on hygiene and technology-driven improvements. Our goal is to drive positive change in our industry and beyond.

Our Goal

Our goal is to produce fruits meeting top standards in safety, quality, and taste, exceeding customer expectations. We invest in machinery and skilled labor to build trust and drive change in our industry and beyond.

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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Fadel Trading

Quality Beyond Compare

We prioritize quality, selecting ripe fruits for unmatched flavor and freshness. Each bite reflects our unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Wide Variety, Exotic Delights

Explore diverse global fruits, classics, new varieties under one roof. Taste world flavors, find favorites, unique experiences with our extensive selection.

Sustainability Matters

Passionate about fruit, committed to the planet. Sustainable practices, eco-friendly packaging, responsible sourcing. Your choice supports a greener future.

Expertise at Your Service

Expert team guides your fruit journey. Ideal selections, culinary inspiration, maximizing every bite. Our knowledge enhances your experience.

Seamless Experience

Effortless shopping: user-friendly website, hassle-free online orders, reliable delivery. A smooth and convenient fruit journey awaits when you choose us.